Born in 1959. Since very young I felt compelled to record what I saw that had special meaning for me having my first camera offered and my first Photo Album compiled at the age of 14. The definitive interest and taste in Photography itself and its Technics arrived in my 20’s with the “inheritance” of an old Photo Encyclopedia found at my Father´s Bookcase and most of all an heavy and totally manual camera from the 50’s (Voigtlander Prominent) left by the Family. That Interest and Taste became more and more in true Passion until today in a total amateur and autodidact way binded with the Cult of Travelling, other great Passion of mine and still a major Theme on my Photography and if at first Photography was a consequence of Travelling, more and more Travelling became a consequence of Photographing.

I only joined Digital Photography in 2007 acquiring a Nikon D80 camera and then I felt the overwhelming possibilities that were extending before me. Evolution continues everyday

Once in a while I return to Analogue Photography to digitize and edit my old film negatives and slides.



My Forever Unfinished, Passioning and Demanding Mission as an Amateur Photographer:

/ See the Whole on Everyone and Everything that surround us in this Amazing Planet /

/ Stop the Time and see beyond it /

/ Feel and “Listen” the Essence of the Moment in its overwhelming Silence /

/ Eternize the unrepeatable //