My Suggestions

Unique Places for Photographing:

Laos – The Indolent Life on the banks of the Mekong River, the still authentic and generous People, the beautiful Children, the strong Buddhist Cult throughout the Country, Luang Prabang - one of the finest Pearls of Southeast Asia, the vivid colours mixing the orange from the Monks habits with the lush green from the Nature;

Western USA – True Nature Sanctuaries for those who love to stand in front of something really wild and unique – from The insolit formations of Arches National Park to the majestic and iconic Monument Valley and the amazing experience of photographing inside a narrow Slot Canyon, admiring the fantastic shapes given by the erosion and the incredible changing colours throughout the day.

Cuba – The beautiful decadence of Havana and the way Time stopped around the 50’s along the small Towns in the inner Country,

Namibia – Probably some of the most unusual and magnificent landscapes in the World with a special highlight at Sossusvlei in Namib – Naukluft Park.

Paris – The Eternal ambiance of some kind of a huge but charming Village; a true Nirvana for Street Photography.

New York – The Rhythm and the breathtaking Buildings; the most perfect urban setting for Photography

Lisboa – The Light, the River, the Hills, the History

Porto -   The Solemnity, the Bridges, the old quarters and the contemporary Architecture